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You can subscribe to the newsletter by filling in the contact form. 
This is send about 8 times to 12 times a year.

JEJE sends information to subscribers of the e-mailing a couple of times a year.
These mailings contain information, a give away and / or a project. 
E-mailings with some specific product information and examples you can read below.

Diamond Sticky Sheets            
 view the pdf-file             
Winter   Marij Rahder   JEJE on Hochanda TV   Deco Dots
 view the pdf-file    view the pdf-file    view the pdf-file   view the pdf-file
Dream Catchers   Marij Rahder   Finest Glitter    Mandalistick
 view the pdf file     view the pdf file    view thw pdf file     view the pdf file
Stick 'n Color   Videomailing   Cut 'n Stick     Fancy Work 
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