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Sticker Charms

Making jewelery from rope, elastic, rubber, metal or other material is always popular. From Sticker Charms the most beautiful charms can be made to hang them on a chain or bracelet. This can be done with a metal eyelet or simply with a thread.

Not only are the charms nice to jewelery, but these charms are also very suitable as decoration of a card or other decoration, for example a gift bag. By means of the eye you can easily hang them on any object.

Especially for tickets a solution because the Sticker Charms are not heavy and that saves money in the postage costs!

There are several sheets with Sticker Charms available with the subject "Smile", "Lucky", ABC-123 and Christmas. From each sheet you can make many figures such as a dolphin, football, heart, dice, angels wing or star and Christmas tree. The sheets are available in many colors and, depending on the sticker sheet, no fewer than 36 to 53 charms can be made.

Instructions how to use:

1. Lift the charm sticker from the sheet, using the tip of a pen knife or tweezers, if needed. Put it on your work surface with the adhesive side up.
2. Put a second charm sticker on top of the first. Please ensure that you stick the right charm stickers together.
3. Pull a strong thread through the eye of the charm and tie it to the chain or bracelet made of elastic bands, metal, rubber, rope or any other material.
4. You may also do that with a little metal ring for ornaments, a so-called jump ring.

These charms are also very suitable for decorating cards or other materials.

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