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Finest Glitter

Finest Glitter is very fine glitter that can be used on many sticky surfaces. The Adhesive Designs have been specially designed for Finest Glitter, these are adhesive motifs.
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1. Remove the protective layer from the sheet with doublesided adhesive designs and take the adhesive design carefully from the sheet using a hobby knife or tweezers and put it on the card or another object.
2. Press it and sprinkle Finest Glitter on it, press firmly and brush clean or dust down.
3. brush it or tap it off. Other materials such as glazed foil can also be used.

Sandy Art Sticky Stickers are also suitable to use with Finest Glitter:

Finest Glitter and lace used on double sided adhesive film 3.5005:

1. Remove the protective layer from the film..
2. Stick the lace onto it and press firmly down with the smooth side of the protective layer.
3. Apply the glitter and spread it out all over the surface, leaving no empty gapses. 

4. Remove the glitter surplus and remove the lace.
5. Sprinkle the sticky surface with white Finest Glitter for the ulitmate lace effect.
6. Spread it out well, brush in and tap of the surplus.

Finest Glitter:


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