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In our e-mail newsletter we frequently have the opportunity to win winning a set of JEJE craft products. 

There is also a change to be a winner through other activities on our facebookpage..
Also we give prices at disposal to other media, websites or craft magazines.

Below a survey of the 2017 and 2016 winners in the netherlands and abroad: 

Facebook winners 2017

10 assorte Peel-off stickers (January)
- Miranda Boezer-Stroop
- Irene de Valk 

CHA actie (January)
- Irit Shalom

 MRJ Comedycards set (February)
- Marion Jagt
- Herma Pol

Dreamcatchers Peel-off stickers (March)
- Anja Bouwhuis
- Jos Tholen

MRJ Peel-off stickers (April)
- Bep Hermans 
- Astrid Koppelmans

 MRJ Panda clear stamp + 6 stickers  (May)
- Monica Krinninger / de Jong 
- Herma de Vries-Christiaansen

Sticky sheets  (June)
- Joke van der Burg 
- Jackie Williams 

10 peel-off stickers  (July)
- Rian Goverde
- Nel Koopmans

Koud laminating foil     (August)
- Lisette Peters-Tebarts 
- Annet Verstijlen

Creaspektakel contest   (extra August)
- Bianca Martena   

MRJ Mouse party and MRJ dragonfly stickers  (September)
- Pauline Hopmans-Dee 
- Diana Spieker 

Sandy Art sticky stickers    (October)
- Sylvia van Heusden
- Beatrice Taylor

6-Pack Christmas peel-off stickers     (November)
- Laura van Hout 
- Colette Gareau

E-mail winners 2017

Finest Glitter                         e-mailing February 2017 
- Karolien Hut                         
- J. Koopman                          

MRJ Bill & Betty booklet, stamp and peel-off sticker    e-mailing March 2017 
- Anita Zantema        
- Marianne Biesbroek

Dreamcatchers & 6 pack Mandala stickers       e-mailing April 2017
- Kerrin-Ann Keys                       
- Lisette Mels


MRJ Clear stamps                e-mailing June 2017
- Corry Ederveen                       
- Cheryl Manley

MRJ 3D Winter set A4        e-mailing September 2017
- Liliane Eerdekens     
- Ellen Zandvliet


Facebook winners 2016

 Valentines pack (January)
- Ingrid Zeg Ik Niet
- Carry Stevens

Fantasy Fairies & stencil grids pack (February)
- Jonny Olsen
- Christiane Fuchs 

Stick 'n Color (March)
- Coby van Steen
- Fenny van Veen 

Cards for the  Knotsgekke Kaartdagen (March)
- Marlies Stend
- Wanda Jacksteit 

Scrapito® (April)
- Linsey Tromp-Wijling
- Marja Brans

Peel-off Stickers feathers (June)
- Diane McLeod
- Jannie Veldhuis 

Mandalistick Peel-off Large (July)
- Peter en Wendy Middendorp
- Susan Wrublewski
Creative Jewels jubilee kit (August)
- Nel Rietbroek
- Egberdina Aben-Niemeyer

Finest Glitter Super Give Away 650 likes.
- Elisabeth Maria Martina  
- Veronique Wilbrink 

Creaspektakel  Special price
- Franca Schonewille  

Leaves stickers six pack (September)
- Chantal van der Linden
- Jessica Mars Grobben

 Autumn pack          (October)
- Regina Henne
- Nathalie van der Woude 

Christmas Ornaments  (November)
- Janita Gerrits - Smit 
- Margaretha Warners 

Adhesive pack (December)
- Roswitha Fore
- Evelien Bijl  

 E-mail winners 2016 

Stick 'n Color   (Knotsgekke kaarten hand in contest March)
- Bertha Luyijkx        
- Esther Cooijmans  

Stick 'n Color    (March)
- Gerlinde Birnbach
- Herma van Bemmelen 

KKD contest (March)
- Esther Cooijmans  
- Marja Cooijmans 
- Bets Pijnappels 

25 Years JEJE Card contest (September 
- Zr. Angelina van Schaik        
- Annie Hoeve
- A. Bloemers -  Bertjens
- P. South