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Mary Rahder by JEJE Produkt

Instructions for use of the clear Stampholder:

The handy Marij Rahder by JEJE Produkt stamp holder consists of 3 different sizes of clear acrylic plates with invisible gridlines and a detachable handle.



1. Choose the desired acrylic plate and insert the holder in the middle.
2. Slide the handle until it is fixed. (To release the handle, slide it in the opposite position.)
3. Use the gridlines for precise stamping.

Easy, clean and accurate!

Stamp blocks size: 5 x 5 cm / 1.96 x 1.96 inch., 6 x 10 cm / 2.36 x 3.93 inch., 10 x 15 cm / 3.93 x 5.9 inch.

- Place the stamp onto transparent acrylic plate, a clear stamp attaches easily on the acrylic plate and can easily be taken off after use.
- Apply ink and press the stamp.
- Clean the stamp after use with water or appropriate products.


Working  with the die-cut 3D sheets:
The 3D Mouse Party and Winter are pre-cut sheets. 
Fuzzy cutting  is no longer necessary. The images are all pre-cut and only need to be pushed out gently.
Paste the pictures on top of each other with gluedrops or foamdots.
And create a 3D in a wink.

The Winter series is a selection of 3D images with moving parts.
Hang a wire, piece of wool with foam tape or gluedrops between the parts as shown on the picture.
Stick the complete and finished picture on a card or hang it with a ribbon as a Christmas decoration.
* available in late July.


Instructions for 3D, you will find by clicking the 3D button.