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Marij Rahder Clear Stamps

The MRJ Clear Stamps collections contains 25 various designs. Examples made with special thanks to some very creative ladies.

   9.0030 Violets     9.0031 Birds     9.0032 Jugendstil 

   9.0033 Butterfly     9.0034 Panda    9.0035 Lotus

   9.0036 Horse     9.0037 Winter Animals     9.0038 Flowers 

   9.0039 Winter    9.0041 Rabbits     9.0042 Cat 

   9.0043 Dog     9.0044 Cow    9.0045 - Strawberry 

   9.0046 Roses     9.0047 Violets     9.0048 Flowers 

   9.0049 Poppy     9.0050 Mouse Party     9.0051 Mouse Party 

   9.0052 Mouse Party     9.0053 Cat     9.0054 Owls 

   9.0055 Peacock     

Instructions for use of the clear Stampholder:

The handy Marij Rahder by JEJE Produkt stamp holder consists of 3 different sizes of clear acrylic plates with invisible gridlines and a detachable handle.


1. Choose the desired acrylic plate and insert the holder in the middle.
2. Slide the handle until it is fixed. (To release the handle, slide it in the opposite position.)
3. Use the gridlines for precise stamping.

4. Place the stamp onto transparent acrylic plate, a clear stamp attaches easily on the acrylic plate and can easily be taken off after use.
5. Apply ink and press the stamp.
6. Clean the stamp after use with water or appropriate products.

Easy, clean and accurate!

Stamp blocks size: 5 x 5 cm / 1.96 x 1.96 inch., 6 x 10 cm / 2.36 x 3.93 inch., 10 x 15 cm / 3.93 x 5.9 inch.

How to work with Clear Stamp-holders

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