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Marij Rahder 3D Decoupage

Create the most beautiful cards and decorations with the Marij Rahder by JEJE Produkt designs such as Winter Cards, 3D in Concert, 3D Comedy Cards, Bill & Betty,  Mouse Party, Happy Bells, Miss Mimi & Friends, 3D Comedy Cards The Aunties en Flowers.

Special thanks to creative ladies like Anja, Elly, Hanny, Ingrid, Nel, Tessa en Saskia.  

3D Winter Cards 9.0001 and set 9.0020

3D in Concert 9.0002 and 9.0021

3D Comedy Cards 9.0003 and set 9.0022

3D Bill & Betty 9.0004 and set 9.0023

3D Bill & Betty 9.0106 die cut

3D Bill & Betty 9.0164

3D Winter 9.0081 die cut
The Winter series is a selection of 3D images with moving parts. Hang a wire, piece of wool with foam tape or gluedrops between the parts as shown on the picture. Stick the complete and finished picture on a card or hang it with a ribbon as a Christmas decoration.

3D Mouse Party 9.0080 die cut

3D Happy Bells 9.0105 die cut

3D Miss Mimi & Friends 9.0071 and 9.0072 die cut

3D Miss Mimi & Friends 9.0169

3D Comics 9.0155

3D The Aunties 9.0156

3D Flowers 9.0157

 Marij Rahder Promo & examples:

Marij Rahder The Aunties, project with the purple Auntie:

Marij Rahder The Aunties, project with ther ed Auntie:


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