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Donna's 3D® 

3D cutting is one of the most popular hobbies for making cards, which is not surprising because one of its most attractive aspects is that you can combine it with a lot of other techniques and materials. And that means that, even if you repeatedly work with the same picture, cards never need to be the same.    

Instructions for using 3D pictures.
Cut out all the sizes of one 3D decoupage picture Stick the largest picture on a card or an other object. Then take the next largest size. Apply one or a few pieces of 3D foam on the back of this picture. Remove the protective layers from the foam and paste this picture accurately on top of the previous one. Continue in this fashion until the smallest picture has been glued on.

Donna's 3D with Diamond Maxi Stickers
In these sets small 3D pictures are combined with large stickers that can be used as a background on the card.
They can be applied in different combinations. As a result, you get wonderful colour combinations. 


Take the large diamond sticker from the sticker sheet and put it on the card. Now take the stickers in the two other colours, take out each of the inside forms with a knife and put them into the large form, which results in gorgeous colour combinations.
Now stick the picture in 3D on the maxi sticker. 

There are also six sets with Diamond Maxi stickers that have been produced with an eye to scrapbooks, with special stickers that can be used to glue a 3D picture or nice photograph into.
The maxi stickers are also available separately, enabling you to vary your compositions as you like. Below some other examples with Maxi Stickers are shown.  

Donna's 3D Foam Stickies  
Stickies have an adhesive layer and may be stuck to all sorts of surfaces, such as cards, boxes, flower pots, etc. The Foam Stickies can be wiped off with a damp cloth. 

Stick various sizes and colours of, for example, a flower one on top of the other, which results in an even stronger 3D effect and produces
a very cheerful and colourful picture. 

Donna's 3D foamies
These self-sticking foam figures,  can be used to give cards and objects an added touch.
It’s a lot of fun using them to finish a flower card or object with foamies in the shape of a flower or butterfly. The foamies, can be decorated with sand, glitter and foamies foil. 

Take a foamie from the sheet and stick it onto the surface you wish to decorate.
Remove the protective layer from the foamie and place the foamies foil on the sticky layer with the shiny side facing up. Press this down firmly and then remove the foil.
If a spot has not been entirely covered, you may repeat the above procedure. 

You can take the foamies off the sheet with a hobby knife or by partly loosening the back sheet and pressing the foamie through at the front. 

If you want to send objects or cards made with foamies, you should cover the foamies with fat-free paper to prevent them from sticking to the envelope.