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  Sticky Sheets and Tape  


Sticky Sheets and Tape

These transparent sticking sheets and sticky tape rolls are easy to tear and very useful with paper, foam, fabric and several other materials.
Die cut it and create your own adhesive shapes for Home Decoration and Papercrafting.
You can also use this tape and sheets for working with Sandy Art® or Finest Glitter.  

Step 1. Stick the tape or a piece of the sticky on a piece of paper or card.
* Remove as first the paper layer with the metrics indication from the Sticky sheets.

Step 2. Place the mold on the plate with the cutting side facing up. Place the paper on top of it with the tape facing up if you wish to cut and glue the form.
For sprinkling it with glitter or sand place the paper with the tape facing the cutting edge of the mold. 

Step 3. Turn the entire plate through the machine (manual or electric).

Step 4. Take the cut out shape and remove the protective layer, stick it onto the desired surface or sprinkle it with sands or glitters.