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A sparkling and very simple technique for making cards with a result that will surprise everyone.

There are 2 different series availalble, Jewelly with black peel-off stickers and Jewelly with white peel-off stickers.

Special fantasy paper in the colours aqua, soleil, jamaica, nature, autumn and marine was designed for Jewelly.
Combined with the black contour stickers and the diamond stickers exactly fitting into them specially designed for Jewelly the products are a very attractive whole. Jewelly is available in 5 different sets amply providing all the materials you need.


1. Put the black contour sticker on the matching coloured fancy paper and cut it out.

2. Take the small motifs of the coloured diamond stickers and put them exactly in the openings of the black contour sticker.

3. Fold one of the cards in half and, if desired, cut it into a square. Put the filled-in sticker on the card.

4. Finish off the card as you like with the remaining corners and edges.

The instructions for Jewelly white edition remain the same.

step 1

 step 2  result  

Tip: If you have made the cards from the set, a lot of small ´jewel´ stickers of the beautiful coloured diamond foil are left. You can use them to make other cards or decorate objects.