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After using the peel-off sticker, often parts remain on the sheet that are also beautiful to use. However, taking them one by one does not work well. With transfer foil this is possible at once. It should always be done carefully and patiently.

Instructions for use

1. Cut a piece off the transfer foil a little larger than the sticker pieces on the sticker sheet.
2. Remove the white protective layer and put the sticky side of the transfer foil onto the sticker pieces chosen.
3. Press the transfer foil firmly using a flat tool such as a paper knife.

4. Remove the transfer foil with the stickerpieces carefully from the sticker sheet.
5. Stick it onto the surface chosen, such as a greetings card, scrapbook or wooden article.
6. Press the stickerpieces firmly onto the surface and remove the transfer foil.

* Always test in advance if the surface is suitable for use with transfer foil.

Workshop Transfer Foil:

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