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  Colouring sets  

Colouring Sets

Colouring sets are made to colour a beautiful sticker decoration with permanent markers. Stick the Peel-off sticker on a board and colour it with the markers included or your own permanent markers. When the creation is ready, a stand is applied behind the board. This way the creation can easily be displayed for everyone to enjoy, for example on a desk or dinner table.

Different types and designs are available. The available designs are the Owl, the Cat and 3 different mandala designs. For each design there are two options available, one with markers and one without markers.

 - 1 Peel-off sticker 20 x 23 cm
 - 1 synthetic board size A4
 - 1 stand / hanger
 - 1 adhesive strip for stand / hanger
(- 7 permanent markers)

Advantages of the Colouring sets:
- Everything you need to make the decoration is included in the set. No extra materials are needed, easy right?!
- With the stand, the decoration can be displayed standing or hanging.
- Peel-off stickers have a raised edge which makes them easy to colour in for all ages.

1. Remove the protective layer from the board.
2. Carefully remove the sticker from the sheet. This is easiest with a small hobby knife or tweezers.
3. Hold the sticker at the ends above the board and first let the middle part stick by lowering the sticker down in a curve.
4. Colour in the sticker, using the permanent markers included in the set or your own permanent markers.
5. Decorate the creation by adding and colouring the additional stickers.
6. Remove the yellow protective layer from the adhesive strip and stick the adhesive strip onto the stand. Remove the second protective layer and stick the stand at the back of the board. Now the creation is ready to be displayed!