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Window Colour Cards

The Window Color Cards series consists of 2 complete blister boxes and several small A5 sets.

Everything to make a complete Window Coloring Card is included in the sets; peel-off sticker sheets, design paper, different colors of cardstock, acetate sheets, sticky tape or sheet, not to mention the permanent markers. The large blister box is good for making 6 cards, available in the themes 'Everyday' and 'Christmas'. The A5 sets for making 3 cards, in the themes 'Roses' and 'Dreamcatchers'. The A5 sets are constantly being expanded with new themes.

Coloring and color in peel-off stickers on acetate sheet.
1. Take the sticker sheet and color the edge of the desired stickers on the sticker sheet with the permanent markers and let it dry. 
2. Cut a piece of cardstock of 10 x 17 cm and make a fold at 15 cm.
3-4. Take a piece of acetate sheet of 10 x 15 cm and stick it to the card with tape. 

5. Carefully remove the desired sticker from the sheet. Use your fingers, the tip of a hobby knife or tweezers to loosen all sides.
6. Stick the desired stickers on the acetate sheet and color the inside as desired with the permanent markers. If necessary, place a white paper behind it for clarity. 

*Peel-off stickers have a raised edge and are therefore easy to color.








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