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Creative team members

My name is Elly Pessel-Reinders and  I am the co-owner of JEJE Produkt. I am married to Hennie, who is also employed by JEJE Produkt. I work on my hobby all day, because I could convert what was originally my hobby into my work.  I devise and design new products and make examples of how they may be used. In the past my parents had a shop selling painting and craft materials, so as a child I was already very creative. I took several training courses, including one to become a CPD, a Certified Professional Demonstrator, to enable me to give demonstrations. Of all the JEJE products Sandy Art® is my specialty. It continues to fascinate me, not least because so many techniques and facilities can be used to combine it with other products, such as stickers. In particular making cards with several people is something that I enjoy very much, because the others inspire me and give me new ideas all the time. With the result that we can also show a wide variety of things on this site. I wish everyone a lot of fun with their hobbies.
I am Hanny Wegewijs-Das and have been a member of the design team of JEJE Produkt since 2008. I have made cards for twenty years with great pleasure and could say that I have become addicted to it. I regularly use the cuttlebug and the cricut expression, which can be done perfectly with the beautiful materials of JEJE Produkt. You will often see a bow, a little flower or a brad on my cards, because I try to give them something extra. I hope that I will be able to make many examples for you in the future. With hobby regards, Hanny.


Prachi Jukar - Mumbai, India

Crafter & Registered Pergamano teacher

I was introduced to paper craft in the year 2007 when I started working for Craftbox. While handling my office responsibilities, I was also actively involved in making sample projects & conducting workshops. My employer, Smita Vyas always supported & motivated me. I took lessons to learn parchment art & became a certified teacher. My hobby became my passion.

I experimented a lot with peel off stickers & even today they fascinate me with endless possibilities. Gradually I started learning other crafts which included quilling, decoupage, glass painting, fabric painting, calligraphy & bead craft. The creative field being so vast the learning still continues.

I am glad to be associated with JEJE Produkt as a creative team member & will always try to give the best.

Ask the Creative Team
If you have any questions that you should like to ask the creative team or if you should like to see an example of how to use a certain JEJE product on this site, please send an e-mail to, stating ‘creative team'.

Question & answer
Ms. Rensen asked if our stickers could be used for coloring in with glasspaint for small children. Answer; yes of course this is possible, however you could also use IDentimarkers from Sakura. The result is almost the same as with glasspaint and easier to use with children.

Mevr. T. Runge stores her 3D pictures in the plastic covers of a photoalbum. She cuts the pictures while she watches television. During the day when she has time to make cards she only has to choose which already cut pictures she would like to use and she can make her card.

Mevr. I. van Dam works with elderly people and often usen different craft techniques. A lot of the people like to paint, but it is somethimes hard to use your own imagination. She takes a large design outline peel-off sticker then and sticks it onto a card or large sheet of paper. Then people can color it in with art paint. Afterwards you can cut it out, place some foamdotts behind it, and you have a nice card or decoration.