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Wrapping creatively with socks

Wrapping a present creatively not only makes it attractive but it is also fun to do. Many people do this only once a year when the time has come to make surprise gifts on the occasion of St Nicholas’ Eve, but others do it regularly.

We have opted for a sock, because you can decorate a sock differently every time, so that it can be used for any occasion. Decorate it with stickers, Sandy Art®, beautiful paper shapes, anything you like.
And if you adjust the pattern a little, you even have a trendy boot, so come on with those surprising boots!

Common Instructions:

Print out the pattern of the sock and cut it out. Copy it onto the desired card or paper and cut it out.

Stick the different small parts of the sock with foamtape or gluedrops on the large shape. Make the sock 2 times, each facing in the same direction. ( you have to turn the pattern when you have card coloured on only one side for the second sock)

Make the box according to the pattern and stick it inbetween the 2 socks with self-adhesive foil. A nice way to give a present or mony.


We made several socks using different materials and products. For example punch shapes from 'Create your Own Sticker' sheets, and stick these onto the socks, or use peel-off stickers.

A quick and easy sock? Take Two Tone stars paper from the Creative Paper and Card collection.The card itself is already fabulous, so you don't have to decorate it.


Sandy Art can be used to make all kinds of patterns. Instead of card, use self-adhesive foil for the sock or for the small parts and springle it with sand or briljant sand. Go to 'Techniques' to learn about the different ways of using Sandy Art. Various cutting patterns like flowers, blocks and stripes you will find as printfile on another page on this website making another project with Sandy Art. Adjust it to your own idea and you can use it for the socks  as well.



>Click here for a printable version (Pdf)
>Click here for a printable version (Pdf)
>Click here for a printable version (Pdf)