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What you need:
- Sandy Art double-sided adhesive foil, white, A4, product number 1.0155
- Sandy Art sand Christmas green 0.0095, apple green 0.0110, grass green 0.0150, lemon yellow 0.0075, pastel yellow 0.0140, orange 0.0090 and white 0.0010
- Sandy Art brush 1.0008, Sandy Art sand spoon 1.0105
- Sandy Art® varnish 1.0109
- Sponge brush or another soft brush, scissors, pencil and paint (optional)
- Various objects to decorate such as a serving tray, flower pot, mug, glass.

Before starting:
Print the flower patterns and cut them out.
If required, paint the objects you want to decorate in the colour you want and allow them to dry thoroughly.
Take the double-sided adhesive foil in the size you need. If you are going to decorate a tapered flower pot, you can lay it on the foil and draw round it. When you then cut it out all round 1 centimetre smaller you have a perfectly fitting piece of foil to use.

>Click for a printable version (Pdf)


1. Remove one protective layer from the piece of double-sided adhesive foil (lay the foil aside carefully, touching it with your fingers only where you have to).
Copy the three sizes of flowers on the protective layer a number of times, for example for a serving tray as shown on the photo-graph eight times each size. Cut them out.
2. Distribute the largest flowers over de adhesive side of the foil, putting the smooth side of the cut-out flowers on the foil, so that you can take them off easily. Press them firmly, preventing any sand from coming under them. 3. Take sand in one green colour on your spoon and sprinkle it from high up (from the height of your nose) on the foil, so that the sand splatters apart. Then sprinkle the sand in the other two green colours on the foil in the same way. What you get is a water-colour effect. 4. Ensure that there is enough green sand and distribute it carefully with the brush. All white spots of the foil must be fully covered with green sand.

5. When you remove the large flowers, you get a sticking pattern of flowers. Now put the small cut-out flower patterns on the adhesive background (also with the smooth side on the adhesive layer) and press them very firmly. 6. Now sprinkle white sand over the flowers. You should not do that from high up but just above them. Ensure here, too, that everything is well covered and that no adhesive spot is still open.  Press firmly and brush it all clean.
7. Remove the smaller flowers and stick flowers of another size or the round in the centre. Repeat the above with a yellow colour until the flower designs are ready.

8. Now remove all small rounds and finalise by sprinkling orange sand. Press firmly and brush clean.
The finishing touch. Put the picture you made on a piece of white paper or cardboard so that you can varnish it to make it waterproof. (You do not have to do that in case of cards or objects that do not come in contact with water).

Finishing Take some varnish on the brush and dab the picture with it carefully, so that it is given a matt white layer of varnish. You should avoid overly dabbing the same spot and take care not to brush, as that may make the sand come loose from the background. Allow the picture to dry thoroughly. When it has dried the varnish will be fully transparent.

Remove the second protec-tive layer from the foil and stick the picture on the object you want to decorate.

You can use the masks (flowers cut out of the protective layer) again and again for making other things. Obviously, you may also only make flowers of sand as shown on the glass with the candle and the mug.

Adjust the colours of the sand to the colours in the garden or the colours you like best.

If you want to decorate glass objects only,
it is best to use Sandy Art® double-sided adhesive foil transparent 1.0013.