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  Creative Jewels  

Creative Jewels

Creative Jewels, a technique to make the most beautiful patterns with 'jewels' of stickers. The combination of the different patterns, but especially the different types and colors of stickers gives cards, or objects an exclusive look. Unique is the Creative Jewels design foil developed by JEJE Produkt. This is a very thin transparent adhesive foil with a transparent protective layer.

Thanks to the use of the special adhesive transparent design foil, the Creative Jewels can be used for many purposes: not only for making the most beautiful cards, but also for decorating objects.
And the method is very simple, see the step-by-step directions below: 

1. Take the sheet with patterns. 2. Place the transparent adhesive design foil on top of it with the shining side (front) up. Ensure that it can not swift.  3. Take the CreativeJewel 
stickers you need and stick them on the design foil in accordance with the pattern. 
4. Cut the transferred pattern out amply. 5a. Remove the transparent protective layer.   5b. Stick the pattern onto a card or an object.


Making cards


The Creative Jewels can be used on cards in a variety of ways. In the complete sets, for example, complete patterns with only Jewel stickers are made. By combining the various forms and colours of the Jewel stickers beautiful flower, Christmas or general patterns can be made, for which no additional materials are needed.


The effects of combining the Creative Jewels with 3D are very attractive. In that case the Jewel stickers are used as decoration, for example by creating a frame round the 3D picture, or as a beautiful border alongside the frame. Those two techniques are combined very nicely in the booklet with patterns of Creative Jewels, which contains both patterns and 3D pictures.

And if you want to make something very personal, it is of course very simple to replace a 3D picture by an attractive photograph of a friend or a pet. This enables you even to make splendid scrapbook pages.   

Decorating objects: the use of the special design foil with its crystal clear layer of glue enables you to make any pattern, not only on cards but also on objects. With this material, a glass, mug or plate can be provided with an attractive pattern, but first you should ensure that the surface is clean and not greasy.
The object is washable and, of course, for safety’s sake, you wash something that is as beautiful as that only by hand.

You may decorate not only porcelain or glass but also wooden objects, such as boxes, and photo frames or notepads and plastic materials.

So, lots of applications are possible. And once you get going with Creative Jewels, the most beautiful patterns emerge almost automatically.

Hint: You can also make gorgeous flower patterns in 3D as decoration on a card with the Jewel stickers.