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  3D Decoupage A4  


Donna's 3D® and 3D Fantasy Fairies 

3D cutting is one of the most popular hobbies for making cards, which is not surprising because one of its most attractive aspects is that you can combine it with a lot of other techniques and materials. And that means that, even if you repeatedly work with the same picture, cards never need to be the same.

The Fantasy Fairys are elves to use for 3D cards and other decorations. They are definitely a challenge. The drawings are not only beautiful but also very fine and detailed. It is a true art to cut them precisely. You can, of course, leave all small details.


1. What you need; Donna's 3D pictures, foamcubes, scissors and a craft knife.
2. Cut out all the sizes of one 3D decoupage picture.
3. Stick the largest picture on a card or another object.
4. Take the next largest size. Apply one or a few pieces of 3D foam on the back of this picture. Remove the protective layers from the foam and paste this picture accurately on top of the previous one.

  5. Continue in this fashion until the smallest picture has been glued on.
Decoratie the card with different layers of coloured or printed papers and finish it with for example various peel-off stickers.


The instructions for Fantasy Fairies are the same, only as these pictures are very delicate we advice to use mini foam squares item 3.3095