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3D Fantasy Fairies

3D Decoupage Fantasy Fairies 

3D cutting is one of the most popular techniques for making cards. 3D images can be combined with a lot of other technniques and materials which creates endless possibilities. Even if you would work with the same images, the creations will never be the same.

The Fantasy Fairys are various 3D elves to use for cards and other decorations. The drawings are not only beautiful but also very fine and detailed. It is a true art to cut them precisely. You can, of course, skip small details if these are too difficult to work with.


1. What you need:
- 3D pictures
- (mini) foamcubes
- 2-sided adhesive tape
- scissors
- craft knife
2. Cut out all the sizes of one 3D decoupage picture.
3. Lay down the images in the correct order (large to small) and stick the largest image on a card or object with 2-sided adhesive tape.

4. Plak foam blokjes op de achterzijde van de volgende afbeelding, verwijder de beschermlaag van het foam en plak de afbeelding op de voorgaande afbeelding.
5. Plak de volgende afbeeldingen op dezelfde wijze tot de creatie compleet is.

4. Take the next largest size. Apply one or a few pieces of 3D foam on the back of this picture, remove the protective layers from the foam and stick this image accurately on top of the previous one.
5. Continue in this fashion until the smallest pieces have been glued on.

Decorate the card with different layers of coloured or printed papers and finish it with for example various peel-off stickers.




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