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Adhesive Foils, Vinyl and Cut 'n Stick

The range of Adhesive Foil, Cut a Stick and Vinyl contains various packs with sheets of colored foils which stick on one side.You can use the sheets to decorate and cover small objects like a little box with a shiny gloss but it can also be used for punching, cutting or die cutting.

The foil is washable and attaches to almost any surface. So you can not only use it for making cards, but also for decorating wall tiles, porcelain or glass. Do always make sure that the smooth surface is fat-free and that the foil is pressed down carefully so that no water can come underneath.

The sheets of foil can be used with different cutting and punching machines.The types of foil, Adhesive Foil Mirror/Adhesive/Glitter/Ultra Fine Glitter/Iris and Cut 'n stick Foil Mirror, work well with electric cutting machines such as the Cricut and Cut & Boss which work with computer controlled patterns. 

Adhesive foil and Mirror Foil may  / Cut 'n Stick also be used with cutting moulds and embossing machines such as the Big Shot. The adhesive foil works with many molds and the mirror foil especially with the slightly larger and less detailed or closed molds with a metal cutting edge. For all molds; you should always try which mold goes best and how many extra sheets of card should be used with the plates.

Instructions for decorating a box with adhesive foil or film:
1. Stick a border of Adhesive Foil on the side and a piece on top of the lid. 
2. Cut away the foil superflue with a hobbyknife like the Sandy Art knife. Decorate the rest of the little box in the same way.
3. Endresult: decorate the top with a 3D decoupage image.

Vinyl Sticky Sheets promo:

*some film colours as shown in the promo may not be available anymore.

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