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Card & Paper

In addition to 2 sizes of standard card packages, the Card and Paper range contains a selection of packs with special glossy paper or paper with a special effect for making cards and boxes.

Sparkling sheets is 215 grammes card with a beautiful pearl lustre. Gorgeous with its pearly shine as base for each card. Perfect for use in greeting cards, scrap pages and giftboxes.
Sparkling Sheets are perfect for use with dies, punches or embossingdies.
Available in assorted packs with 7 colours in A4 and A5 size. Some colours are also available in a pack with only one colour. 

Illusion sheets is a 215 grams card with a special dimension and holographic 3D effect. The longer you look at the design, the more you get the feeling that it is moving. Great to use with images that need depth..

Fantasy papier en Fantasy Card is available in 130 grams paper and 300 grams card.
The Fantasy paper was originally hand-painted and is therefore unique and one of a kind. The various colour shades make the paper extremely suitable as a card, background or small object.


*Information concerning Potpourri-Paper you will find in the chapter Marij Rahder.




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