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  Card & Paper  

Card & Paper

Is a series of special types of paper that may be used for a wide variety of purposes. There is not one special technique for using these types of paper, although we can give some examples of what you can do with them

Use Card and Paper for:
- Making cards.
Almost all types of this paper are 210 to 220 grams, enabling you to fold a whole card out of this paper and decorate it, such as wedding announcement and birth announcement cards made of the beautiful Two Tone hearts paper or Christmas cards made of the Two Tone star paper. 
Sparkling Sheets are gorgeous with its pearly shine as base for each card.

The check pattern on glitter paper is very suitable for making patterns with small stickers or serving as a background for a 3D decoration. You will find more examples at inspiration.
Do you need a label for a present or a bunch of flowers quickly? No problem: even without any decoration the shining and special types of paper lend themselves very well to writing a wish on the inside.

- Making little boxes and bags.
Do you wish to wrap a present or a letter attractively and don´t you have a beautiful envelope available? No problem, if only you have JEJE's Card and Paper on hand

- Scrapbook pages
- Paper home decorations

You can use it for:
- Folding and plaiting: Obviously, this can also be done with the creative types of paper. The types of paper with a shining layer have a coating. The advantage of this coating is that the paper does not tear as easily as thin paper when it is folded or plaited.
-Cutting out patterns: Today cutting out patterns can be done in many ways, for example by using all kinds of cutting templates or cutting machines or by tracing a pattern on the beautiful types of paper and cutting it out. 
You may stick them on a card or an object or in your photo album or whatever you like.

- Emboss by hand or with the machine using an embossing plate.