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Ribbons & Bows

The exclusive collection Ribbons & Bows consists of a series of packs with ribbon and matching bows. Very easy, because tying a bow yourself is not easy for everyone. Beautiful colors in the shades of yellow, pink, red, purple, blue, green, brown and black / white.

This series of ribbons and bows has a beautiful silky shine, a special design and a number of types have a finish of gold or silver dots or lines. Each package contains 3x 1 meter ribbon and 3x 2 bows. 

De 2e serie bestaat uit romantisch wit lint met kleurig geborduurde bloemen patroon en bij behorende contrast kleur. Prachtige kleurschakeringen in de tinten geel, rood, paars en groen.
Een verpakking bevat 2x 1 meter lint van 1 cm breed en 1x 1 meter lint van 2 centimeter lint.
The 2nd series consists of romantic white ribbon with colorful embroidered flower pattern and matching contrast colors. Beautiful color shades in shades of yellow, red, purple and green.
A package contains 2x 1 meter ribbon of 1 cm wide and 1x 1 meter ribbon of 2 centimeters ribbon.

The Ribbons & Bows can be used, for example for making cards, or gifts and gift packaging for any occasion. 

The bows and ribbon from this series can be used to decorate cards or small gift packaging.
For a paper background, the ribbon can be stuck with double-sided tape, for example 6mm article 3.3190. On a smooth surface or surface with a plastic layer, it is more convenient to take the extra sticky tape 3.3186.

First stick the tape on the surface and then stick the ribbon over it. This makes it easy to stick straight. Sticking the tape to the ribbon is not easy and can cause wrinkles.




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