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Paper Add Ons

Paper Add-ons can be colored with different materials. This includes ink, watercolours, pencils, markers and paints. However the smooth and even Paper Add-ons are pressed cardmaterial and easier to color with fluid materials.

The embossed Paper Add-ons are made from softer papers. Fluids can easier effuse.

*Test inks, markers and paints always on the back of the Paper Add-ons to see the effect.

Instructions for Paper Add-ons in combination with Sandy Art and double sided foil:

1. Remove one protecting layer from the adhesive foil and stick it onto the Paper Add-ons frame and remove the second protective layer.
2. Sprinke Sandy Art sand colours all over using the Sandy Art spoon and the "sprinkle high" technique.
3. Brush in the sandy with the brush and remove the excess.
A beautiful frame to stick a peel-off sticker behind or a 3D decoupage picture.



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