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Stencil Grids

Stencil Grids can be used in many different ways. They can be used with ink, but also with glitter or sand on a sticky surface. Or just as decoration on itself.

Stencil Grid with ink:
1. Apply ink onto the padfoam, and swipe of the excess ink first on a piece of paper. This is to avoid irregular stains of ink on your card. Apply the ink with circular movements to the surface.
2. Place the stencil grid over the place you wish to decorate with stars and paste it with tape so that it can't move. Apply ink onto the piece of padfoam and gently swipe it over the stencil grid.
3. Remove the stencil grid and clean it with a wet tissue. Showing a beautiful starry background!

Stencil Grids with sand or glitter:

* What you need; stencil grids hearts, double sided adhesive foil label hearts, brillant glitter sand and Sandy Art brush.
1. Remove 1 protective layer from the adhesive foil and stick the heart onto the card or surface you wish to decorate. Remove the second protective layer.
2. Place the stencil grid onto the adhesive foil and press it down firmly, for example with the smooth side of the protective layer. Sprinkle sand or glittersand all over. Press it down with the brush and remove the excess.
3. Remove the stencil grid and sprinkle a second contrasting color onto the sticky surface. Press it down and remove the excess. 

How to work with Stencil Grids:

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