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Fancy Work

Fancy-work is the English term for 'beautiful handicrafts' and that is exactly what can be established in an easy way using these stickers. Fancy-work stickers have beautiful dotted patterns that can be used as a basis to embroider on paper.

Each design is developed to use the most easy stitch with or a stitch to your own preferences.  Combined with beads and/or brads each sticker gives a great result. Fancy-work stickers are available in a sets with 4 sticker sheets or as single sticker sheets. 


1. Stick the Fancy-work peel-off onto a piece of coloured paper.
2. Pierce the dots of the embroidery pattern through with a pricking tool, use a pricking mat underneath.
3. Cut out the Fancy-work sticker. Take a single or double thread in your needle and stick it down on the back with a piece of tape.

4. Embroider the pattern.
5. Embroider the pattern with the desired stitches and colours.
6. Finished result.

Workshop Fancy-work:


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