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Coloring for adults is very popular and the books for adults fly away. The mandalistick peel-off stickers take this a little further as they are unique and versatile and they stick to almost any surface.  This means that they can be used to make real home / wall decorations and greeting cards. Color them in with paint, watercolours or pencils as you wish.

The easy way to personalize your craft project as Mandalistick Peel-off stickers adhere to almost any surface including; boxes, stationery, scrapbook pages, porcelain and glass. 

• Use a pair of tweezers, your fingernails or a pen knife to remove gently stickers from the sheet. 
• Combine different designs or colours and make your own unique project. 
• Colour in the areas of the sticker with paint, pens, permanent markers, coloured pencils, inks or other peel-off colours. 
• Use Transferfoil for larger surfaces and using up the negative parts. 

There are 3 series with Mandalistick peel-off stickers, 3 packs with 3 Christmas stickers of 10 x 23 cm. Large Mandalistick stickers of 10 x 23 cm and Mandalistick Christmas ornaments in combination with acetate sheets.   

Lastly, stick the hanger to the cut out ball so that a ribbon or string can go through it.

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