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4 sheets A4 Sandy Art® self-adhesive foil white

Sandy Art® self-adhesive foil white is very suitable to use with Sandy Art® templates. The glue layer is adjusted to the Sandy Art® templates in contrary to the "common transparent foils". The white foil is always recommended on printed or dark back-grounds, this to prevent colour changing from the sand. The Sandy Art® self-adhesive foil white is deliverable in different sizes and shapes.
Sandy Art® self-adhesive foil white is also used with many another hobbys, like making greeting cards, decorations, tea bag folding, parchment craft, fabrics and paper napkins. 
Sandy Art® self-adhesive foil transparent is less suitable for the Sandy Art® templates and dark coloured or printed backgrounds.
Contents: 4 sheets A4 Sandy Art® self-adhesive foil white.
EAN: 8716133002522

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