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The tool set contains 3 of the most important utilities for working with Sandy Art®, namely the brush, sand spoon and the liner.

The Sandy Art® brush is a special brush for working with Sandy Art colored sand. Use the brush to press down the sand, brush clean or work precisely.

The sand cannot get stuck in the brush, because of the flat shape. The long side can be used to press and brush the sand.
If you have to work precisely, for example with the cutting techniques, use the tip of the brush.

The sand spoon is specially designed for filling in Sandy Art colored sand in highly detailed patterns, such as the Sandy Art® templates and the peel-off stickers stickers.
By using the spoon you can easily use the sand from the pots.

Sandy Art® liner; You can make a drawing yourself in colored sand with the specially designed Sandy Art® liner. Make a background with sand. Make a drawing with the liner by removing sand, so that the adhesive layer is visible again. Do this carefully without damaging the adhesive.

Now sprinkle another color of sand. Always make sure that the background is well-sprinkled so that the colors of sand cannot mix.

For more information on how to use the Sandy Art liner, please go to the product information chapter.

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