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Mandalistick Peel-off's large 4

Mandalistick Peel-off's large are developed for making large decorations.

All Mandalistick sticker sheets have beautiful mandala patterns and can be colored in with marker, ink, pencil, paint or other colouring materials.

Stick the Mandalistick Peel-off's large on almost any flat surface and color it.
Perfect to use with, for example, watercolor paint as a true wall painting. Or stick the peel-off sticker on canvas and color it with markers.  
Of course it is also possible to make a nice big card.

Mandala stickers are easy to color within the lines thanks to the raised edges of the sticker and are therefore suitable for almost all ages.

Content: 1 Mandalistick peel-off sticker gold size 20 x 23 cm / 8 x 9 inch.

EAN: 8716133611694

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