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Stick 'n Color gifts & Christmas trees


Stick 'n Color gifts & Christmas trees

Stick 'n color; the most beautiful card decorations with peel-off stickers, glitter foil and permanent markers.

Stick 'n Color are sets with black Peel-off stickers specially designed for colouring with permanent markers.
A set of Stick 'n Color consists of 2 matching peel-off stickers size 10 x 23 cm / 4 x 9 inch + 1 sheet of transparent adhesive white glitter foil size 20 x 23 cm / 8 x 9 inch. 

Stick the Peel-off sticker on the white glitter foil and colour it in  with a permanent marker like JEJE permanent markers or Zig, Chameleon, Flex, Pro, Identi, Copic or one of the many other brands. The small glitters in the film remain visible after colouring and this gives a beautiful effect.

Each set includes instructions and sample cards.


EAN: 8716133613711

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