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Deco Dots peel-off's


Deco Dots peel-off's

Deco Dots are large sticker circles (dots) suitable for decorating all even surfaces; wood, plastic, glass it doesn't matter, objects get a Retro look that is still totally hip and trendy. You are the designer of a unique creation!

In no time the most beautiful patterns and colour combinations appear and you just want more....Not difficult just stick.

The Deco Dots are available in 5 packages with different colour combinations:
- gold/ copper / red
- shades of green
- purple-pink
- shades of blue
- white / black / silver
Each pack contains 3 large 20 x 23 cm sticker sheets.

Of course, the Deco Dots can also be used on card material.

*Good to know, peel-off stickers are washable, so a decorated object can just be washed off, preferably by hand.

EAN: 8716133625646

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