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Sticky stickers Butterflies and flowers

Contents: 1 sheet of sticky stickers.

Sandy Art® sticky stickers are pre-cut shapes with a gluelayer that may very well be used for making your own decorations on cards or objects.

One design sheet enables you to make multiple combinations.

- Remove the protective layer from the sheet sticky stickers.
- Choose an design and remove it carefully from the sheet using a hobby knife or tweezers and put it on the card or another object.
- Press it down with the spoon or knife and sprinkle sand or brilliant sand on it.
- Press firmly and brush clean or dust down.
Other materials such as glitter or scrapito foil can also be used. 

- As the sticky stickers are transparent, the background onto which the sticky stickers are stuck may affect the color of the sand or brilliant glitter sand. For a bright color, stick the sticky stickers onto a white background.  

- Because the sticky stickers are only mildly adhesive, press them firmly onto the card before sprinkling sand or brilliant sand. Press the pictures using the spoon or tweezers to prevent the layer of glue being diminished because the glue sticks to your fingers

EAN: 8716133007664

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