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Marij Rahder:

I draw flowers and butterflies quite happily, but my heart makes an extra leap from drawing the funny types of persons which people make smile.

My name is Marij Rahder, and I have been drawing and illustrating since many  years. The last 20 years I have been working mainly with imprints and stamps in order to make 3D cards.

The ultimate thing to receive on the doormat is a handmade card which looks like a little story and gives you instantly a big smile. Please get acquainted with all off my cheerful spirit children, and I sincerely hope they will pass on the joy.

Marij Rahder, designer and artist is more than 25 years well known in the Dutch market. The drawings of  Marij are cheerful and comical and have filled many hearts with joy and are often used in cardmaking. The assortment is available as brand Marij Rahder by JEJE Produkt (MRJ).

The MRJ assortment

-3D decoupage booklets, sets and single sheets for fuzzy cutting.

-3D Die-cut sheets, a complete selection 3D images easy to push out. All sheets are available as complete A5 kits which make 3 cards, A4 sets a whole serie of 1 subject including the matching potpourri-papers, and in set with 1 3D die-cut sheet and 1 potpourri-paper sheet. 

-Potpourri-paper booklets and Design sheets packs. Especially made in the colours that Marij Rahder uses and in her own unique style. maching her 3D decoupage images and figures.

-Peel-off stickers, Marij’s designs are not just for 3D cutting or stamping but also as peel-off sticker which stick to almost any surface. Every design is available in multiple colours.

-Clear Stamps, exclusive designs with a unique transparent stamp holder. This makes stamping easier and has a good grip. 

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