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Peel-off stickersets

This are sets with more than 1 sticker or stickers in large size. Many of the sets include a series of stickers in different colors for specific purposes,  or an assortment of temporarily trendy stickers. Peel-off stickers in certain colors and designs such as the Six Packs or 3-Packs. The assortment changes all the time to the latest trends.

3 Packs & 6 Packs
3 pack and 6 pack stickersets are various sets with 3 or 6 stickersheets. These sets are created by theme, such as Easter, Christmas, Condolence, Nature and Love. In addition to these themes motives such as edges, corners, Ribbon stickers and ABC & 123. This way there's something for everyone.

One stickerpack contains 3 or 6 stickersheets in various motives and/or colours, depending on the product. 

Colouring sets
Colouring sets are made to colour a beautiful decoration with permanent markers. The peel-off sticker is to be put on a board and coloured with the markers included or your own permanent markers. When the creation is ready, a stand is applied behind the board. This way the creation can easily be displayed for everyone to enjoy it, on for example a desk or dinner table. Do you wish to know how to use the colouring sets? Click here for a tutorial.
Fancy-Work stickers
Fancy-work is the English term for ' beautiful handicrafts' and that is exactly what can be established in an easy way using these stickers. Fancy-work stickers have beautiful dotted patterns that can be used as a basis to embroider on paper. Each design is developed to use in combination with the most easy stitch. Want to know how you use these stickers? Click here for an explanation.

Pearl Stickers
Pearl Stickers are gorgeous stickers of soft shiny glitterfoil, which are marvellous to use on any kind of paper. Available in beautiful designs.

Each pack contains 10 stickersheets , 5 different motives in two colours. The available colours are gold, silver, blue, green and pink. Pearl stickers are available in the themes Everyday or Christmas.

Glitterstickers are transparent stickers with a fine glitter in the colours white and pastel. The stickers are a real eyecatcher and make every creation special. 
Currently a Christmas pack is available with 10 stickersheets in de colour white.

Ribbon stickers are stickers with an evenly staggering pattern in two narrow rows. They can be used for decorating cards and other objecths and for making beautiful bows by gluing two ribbon stickers neatly together and shaping them into a bow. Stick the bow onto the chosen surface using a foam dot or glue drops. Click here for more information and instructions.

Mandalistick peel-off stickers
Colouring for adults is a very popular trend. The mandalistick peel-off stickers take this a little further as they are unique and versatile and they stick to almost any surface.  They can be used to make for example wall decorations and greeting cards. Colour them in with paint, watercolours or pencils as you wish.
Want to know how to use these stickers? Click here for an explanation.

Sticker Charms
Making jewelry from yarn, elastic, rubber, metal or other material is always popular. Sticker Charms make the most beautiful charms to hang on a chain or bracelet. This can be done with a metal eyelet or simply with a thread. Want to know how to use these stickers? Click here for an explanation.
Stick 'n Color
Stick 'n Color are sets with black Peel-off stickers specially designed for coloring with permanent markers. A set of Stick 'n Color consists of 2 peel-off stickers sheets and a sheet of transparent white glitter foil. Each set is provided with instructions and example cards. Want to know how to use these stickers? Click here for an explanation.
The mystique of dreamcatchers has fascinated us for years. The dreamcatchers made by the Indians were and still are meant to capture the bad dreams and let only the good dreams through. The dreamcatchers made from the stickers will not catch dreams, but are beautiful to use as decoration; on the wall, in front of the window or in the nursery. Want to know how to use these stickers? Click here for an explanation.
Jewelly is a sparkling and simple technique where 'gems' of diamond sticker paper (Jewelly's) are laid into specially developed Jewelly contour stickers. In the contour sticker shapes are cut out that have exactly the size of the gems. There are 2 different series; Jewelly with black stickers and Jewelly with white stickers; the white edition. Want to know how to use these stickers? Click here for an explanation.

Jewelly Pearls & Gems
Just like Jewelly, this series consists of black or white contour stickers which can be inlaid with 'pearls and gems' of sticker film. They are mainly smaller shapes such as circles (dots) and hearts. Each set contains 1 contour sticker sheet white or black + 4 sheets dots and hearts in different colours.

The Pearls & Gems are also available packaged with 2 sheets 5 x 23 cm / 2 x 9 inch of 1 design in the same color in a package.
There is a choice of many colors in diamond, mirror, pearl or glitter film.

Deco Dots
Dots or circles in bright colors, we often see it on clothes, crockery or duvets and pillows. And of course the many dots on cards.

Deco Dots are large sticker circles suitable for decorating all flat surfaces; wood, plastic, glass it does not matter. Objects get a retro look that is totally hip and trendy. You are the designer of a unique creation! Want to know how to use these stickers? Click here for an explanation.
Window Colour Cards
Windows used to be brightened up with colorful doodles, but now it is possible to create this unique effect with peel-off stickers, permanent markers and transparent sheets for cards. Click here for the complete survey and description.


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