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Peel-off Stickers

JEJE Produkt, manufacturer of peel-off stickers, is  specialized in designing and producing all types of peel-off stickers with the
standard sizes 10 x 23cm / 4 x 9 and 20 x 23cm / 8 x 9”.

JEJE has many types and designs of stickers in its range;
Contour stickers for colouring, solid decoration stickers, special techniques stickers, borders and corners stickers, text stickers in many languages ​​and so on. You can't think of it that crazy or JEJE has it in its range.

Each sticker design is available in gold, silver, pastel shades, bright colors or special films.
The range is constantly renewed and adapted to the demand of the customer, consumer and trends.

Available colours: (download pdf)        *availability can be different to what is shown

Open stickers - contour stickers
The best known stickers are the mostly gold or silver stickers that can be coloured in with felt-tip pens or markers, coloured pencils, paint or ink. Also, open sticker are widely used with different types of design paper.
This is also the most frequently used way of working with stickers. 

Although gold and silver are always beautiful to use, stickers in other colors, for example black, are also very often used to color in.
Peel-off stickers have a raised edge making it easy to stay within the lines.


Solid Peel-off stickers
are often beautifully shaped stickers, texts or ABC for certain applications. 
Of the many types of stickers, for example, there are stickers for embroidery called Fancy Work stickers.

Peel-off stickers are used on paper and cardboard, but also on all types of objects.
The stickers are washable by hand and therefore also suitable on, for example, glass work or porcelain.

A completely different application is covering, masking, a surface. By sticking the sticker on a surface and then decorate the surface with ink or paint, the spot of the sticker is saved. After removing the stickers, the design is clearly visible.

The surface can be of all kinds of material, as long as the paint or ink can not run under the sticker and the sticker can be removed well after the surface has dried.

Examples on porcelain:

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