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Donna's 3D and Fantasy Fairies

The assortment 3D cutting sheets consists a collection of Donna's 3D and Fantasy Fairies.
Donna's 3D is a range of  cuttings sheets with at least 3 images on each sheet which can be used on a greeting cards, boxes or gift wrap.
These are general everyday images like  flowers or Christmas designs. Almost all images have 4 layers.

Fantasy Fairies, are drawn by the American artist Molly Harrison. She is very known for her charming but sometimes also a bit gothic like, Fantasy Fairies.
This makes these Fairies very suitable to create cards that not only appeal to children or adults but especially to teenagers.

The Fairies come with the seasons. So for every season you will find a Fantasy Fairy that you can use for making your greeting card or decoration.
The single Fantasy Fairy 3D cutting sheets were so successful that we developed a set of Fantasy Fairies in the form of a booklet
with no less than 6 beautiful cutting sheets in bright and friendly colors.

Each cutting sheet has a nice colored border which match to some beautiful border peel-off sticker sheets.
The booklet is available in 2 versions, unpacked and packed including the 6 beautiful 3D border stickers in mirror foil gold.
The delicate and detailed designs of the Fantasy Fairies are a challenge for the all who love cutting 3D decoupage sheets.

* For information concerning the Marij Rahder 3D decoupage sets and sheets, please go to the Marij Rahder chapter.