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Card & Paper

A range of specialty paper and card, which can be used for making cards, scrap pages and boxes. 

Sparkling sheets is 215 grams card with a beautiful Pearl lustre and is also perfect to use with embossing dies and cutting dies.
Sparkling sheets is available in 11 colors A4 size.
10 colors sparkling paper are also available as assorted block in A5 format.

Nacré is a synonym for mother of pearl, and indicates the beautiful shine and color of this paper type.
Nacré card is available with a lines, circles, and hearts design and is 215 g card..

Two-tone paper is a 215 gram paper pressed with holographic hearts or stars.
This gives a special and festive look to for example Christmas cards and or wedding invitations.

Illusion paper is a 215 gram paper with a special dimension and holographic 3D effect.
The longer you look at the paper, the more you feel that the paper moves. Great to use with pictures and images with which you wish to create a depth.

Fantasy paper and card is available in 2 grams weights; 130 grams and 300 grams.
Fantasy paper is originally hand-made using watercolourpaint and it is unique and the only one of its kind.
The different color shades make it extremely suitable as a  card or backgroundpaper.

There are also assorte paper blocs on A5 format available for example with sparklings sheets, and Fantasy card,
but also combination packages with multiple types of special paper packed together.

Paperbloc is a pack of 30 sheets 270 grams assorted colors plain card size A4 or A5. 

* For information concerning Potpourri-paper, please go to Marij Rahder.