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A surprising result with little 'jewel'diamond stickers.

Jewelly is a technique with which ‘jewels' from diamond sticker paper (Jewels) are inlaid in Jewelly contour stickers specially developed for this purpose. The contour stickers have open spaces with exactly the same dimensions as the jewels. There are 2 different series available; Jewelly with black peel-off stickers and Jewelly; the White Edition, with white peel-off stickers.

First you place the contour sticker on a card like Fantasy Paper and then you inlay the Jewels in the sticker.This new technique has a very attractive effect, as the card looks like a stained-glass window, especially when you use the black peel-off stickers.

Jewelly sets have been made, these are complete and contain all the materials you need:  Jewelly contour stickers and Jewels, card, foam, patterns and instructions.

The Jewelly white edition is available in 8 complete card making kits and the Jewelly black in 5 complete kits. All for making 3 complete cards leaving enough materials for small decorations.

The Jewelly stickersets contain 1 white peel-off sticker and 3 matching peel-off sticker sheets with little jewels in beautiful colors of diamond foil.