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Peel-off Stickersets

The peel-off sticker sets are sets with more than 1 sticker or stickers in large size.
Many of the sets include a series of stickers in different colors for specific purposes, such as the Home Deco stickers and Fancy-Work stickers
or an assortment of temporarily trendy stickers. Peel-off stickers in certain colors and designs such as the Six Packs or 3-Packs.
The assortment changes all the time to the latest trends.

Home Deco Stickers
The Home Deco stickers are stickers with larger designs specifically suitable for decorating objects at home.
Home Deco stickers are sold separately, but also in ab assorted set of 10 different stickers.
There are 2 sets available in high gloss mirror film like mirror gold and silver foil and a 3rd set assorted set in trendy white and black.

Fancy-Work stickers
Fancy-work is the English term for ' beautiful handicrafts' and that is exactly what can be established in an easy way using these stickers.
Fancy-work stickers have beautiful dotted patterns that can be used as a basis to embroider on paper. Each design is developed to use the most easy stitch with
or a stitch to your own preferences.  Combined with beads and/or brads each sticker gives a great result. Fancy-work stickers are available in a set with 10
sticker sheets or as single sticker sheets. The sets are Fancy-work Every day and Fancy-work flowers, with general and floral designs in the trendy colors candy,
cream, ice, mint, violet and transparent and Fancy-work Christmas, with designs for Christmas, in the colours white, blue, green, gold, red and transparent.

Pearl Stickers
are gorgeous stickers of soft shiny glitter foil, which are marvellous to use on any kind of paper stock.
Available in 10 great designs, including 4 special Christmas designs. Each design is produced in gold, silver, blue, green and pink.
Pearl stickers are available as single sticker sheets, but also as a set, with 10 different sticker sheets. Option Everyday or option Christmas.

Glitter stickers
can be described as sensational!
Transparent stickers have a  fine glitter in the colors, white, pastel yellow, spring green, baby pink and sky blue.
The set Everyday contains 5 different sticker designs with the theme party, think of a wedding cake or hearts for marriage, butterflies and flowers for a birthday,
and a bottle of wine for an anniversary.
All designs in the packaging are in transparent white glitter foil, but also in 1 of the pastel colors. 
In addition, there is a Christmas set with 10 different Christmas designs, all in transparent glitter white.

Ribbon stickers
are stickers with an evenly staggering pattern in two narrow rows. They can be used for decorating cards and other objects and for making beautiful bows by gluing two ribbon stickers neatly together and shaping them into a bow. Stick the bow onto the chosen surface using a foam dot or glue drops.
There are various 3 packs available with the choice of different designs in the most beautiful colours, like squares, rounds, hearts, flowers, stars, butterflies and Christmas trees. From the techniques page you can print a pdf with instructions on how to make different bows.

Double your images!

The small stickers left after removing the ribbon stickers may very well be used to make gorgeous backgrounds with transfer foil. Place the tacky side of the transfer foil over the small sticker remains. Rub down hard with a flat object to ensure that all the stickers adhere to the transfer foil. Carefully remove the transfer foil with the sticker parts from the sticker sheet and stick it onto the surface chosen. Again rub the stickers and press them down firmly. Then slowly remove the transfer foil, leaving the stickers well shaped.

Zig Zag Ribbonstickers are classic wave shaped borders that look like Zig zag en give a different look than the straight ribbonstickers. Also this range is suitable to make real ribbons from.   

Mandalistick Peel-off stickers
Coloring for adults is very popular and the books for adults fly away. The mandalistick peel-off stickers take this a little further as they are unique and versatile and they stick to almost any surface.  This means that they can be used to make real home / wall decorations and greeting cards. Color them in with paint, watercolours or pencils as you wish. The endless possibillities make that the Mandalistick Peel-off stickers appeal to a very wide audience, from children, to teenagers, adults and elderly.

For none crafters they create a WOW effect and "even I can make that, it is just coloring"