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Ribbons and Bows. 

The exclusive collection Ribbons & Bows consists of a selection of packages with Ribbon and bows in 1 package.
Very easy, as making a bow yourself is not always easy.
Beautiful colours s in shades of yellow, pink, red, purple, blue, green, Brown and black/white.
These Ribbon and bows have a wonderful silky shine, woven in a special design and some species have a finish of gold or silver dots or lines.
Each pack contains 3 x 1 meter ribbon and 3 x 2 bows. 

The 2nd series consists of romantic white Ribbon with colourful embroidered floral pattern and a matching contrasting colour.
Beautiful colours in shades of yellow, red, purple and green.
Each pack contains of 2 x 1 meter Ribbon of 1 cm wide and 1 x 1 meter Ribbon of 2 cm Ribbon.

The Ribbons and Bow can be used for making cards or gifts and gift packaging for any occasion.