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Stick 'n Color

Stick 'n Color are sets with black Peel-off stickers specially designed for coloring with permanent markers. A set of Stick 'n Color consists 2 matching peel-off stickers and a sheet of transparent white glitter foil. Each set contains instructions and pictures of sample cards. The Peel-off sticker is stuck on a white glitter foil and colored in with a permanent marker such as, Zig, Chameleon, Flex, Pro, Identi, Copic or one of the many others brands. The little glitters of the foil will remain visible after coloring and this gives a stunning effect. The image can then be cut out to stick on a surface. Because Ultra fine glitter foil is self adhesive and transparent when the protective layer is removed, it gives a surprising effect on colored surfaces. On glass it is really beautiful.

The benefits of black Stick 'n Color Peel-off stickers:

- special designs for coloring with many different materials; like pencils, watercolor and water-based markers to alcohol-based markers.
- All markers are suitable for the special designed peel-off sticker patterns.
- Peel-off stickers have a slightly raised edge, which makes it suitable for everyone to color in.
- Peel-off stickers stick on almost any smooth surface and can therefore also be used for decorating glass objects.
Ideal for giving a workshop with permanent markers or glass paint.

* Of course the Stick 'n Color designs can be used on paper. Use the transparent glitter foil for example on the background paper to give it an extra shine and dimension.