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The chapter various contains a variety of different products such as:



Acetate sheets and Heat Resistant Clear Acetate
Acetate sheets can be used for making transparent greeting cards, like shaking cards. They are suitable for using waterproof markers and glasspaint to give a window colour effect. 
Available in packs with A3, A4, A5 and 12.5 x 12.5 inch sheets.

Transparent heat resistant acetate is acetate free. Decorate it with markers, stamp on it or paint it. Cut it easily with scissors or a die cutter. Ideal for heat embossing powders. 
Available in A4 and A5.

Want to know how to use the acetate sheets? Click here for an explanation.




Paper Add-ons.
Let your creativity take shape with these Paper Add-ons. They add the perfect touch to your paper crafting projects. The possibilities are endless.

Paint or draw on them or decorate them with glitters, ribbons, rhinestones and feathers. Use them as embellishments on greeting cards, gifboxes, scrap pages and much more. Contains 12 shapes, 300gr. 

The embossed shapes are perfect for a frame around stamped images or 3D decoupage pictures. Colour them with inks, paints or pencils.
Contains 4 shapes 1 mm.

Do you want to know how you use the Paper Add-ons? Click here for an explanation.



  Stencil grids.
Stencil grids are versatile templates that can be used for very many techniques. Use it as a stencil to make the most beautiful decorations and backgrounds on cards, scrapbook albums, mixed media and all kinds of other applications. This can be done using a variety of materials such as chalk, paint, ink, wax and even modelling paste.

The grid itself can also be cut in shape to use as a decoration.
You can also use it with Finest Glitters or Sandy Art on an adhesive surface.
In short, the possibilities are endless.

The product is available in a 3-pack; cirkels, hearts and stars. 
Do you want to know how you use the Stencil Grids? Click here for an explanation.



  Ribbons & Bows
The exclusive collection Ribbons & Bows consists of a selection of packages with Ribbon and bows in 1 package. 

Very useful, as making a bow yourself is not always easy. 
Beautiful colours in shades of yellow, pink, red, purple, blue, green, brown and black/white.
Each pack contains 2x or 3x 1 meter ribbon and 3x 2 bows. The ribbons and bow can be used for making cards, gifts or gift packaging for any occasion. 



  Finest Glitter & Finest Glitter Adhesive Designs
Finest Glitter is a high-quality fine powder glitter which gives a silky shine to any project to which you want to add something special and exclusive. Finest Glitter is available in 11 colors in jars of 16 grams (white 14 grams).

Finest Glitter is applied to an adhesive surface, such as double-sided adhesive tape from which you can punch or cut, or the pre cut Finest Glitter Adhesive Designs. These are available in 8 designs.
Do you want to know how to use Finest Glitter? Click here for an explanation.



3D Decoupage
Fantasy Fairies have been created by American artist Molly Harrison. She is well known for her sweet but sometimes also a bit gothic-like Fantasy Fairies. This makes these Fairies very suitable for making cards that appeal not only to children or the elderly but also to teenagers.

Do you want to know how to use 3D decoupage? Click here for an explanation.



  Sparkling sheets