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Dream Catchers

The mystique of dreamcatchers (dream catchers) fascinates us for years. The dreamcatchers made by the Indians were and still are meant to capture the bad dreams and let only the good dreams come through. The dreamcatchers made from the stickers will not catch dreams, but are beautiful to use as decoration, on the wall, in front of the window, in the nursery. The dream catcher has a soothing effect due to its shape and appearance.

They are available in large format in 3 designs and 3 colors, black, dark red and dark turquoise and are great fun to make. They are delivered individually packed including transparent sheet. And they can be used in combination with many different materials and the transparent sheet can be colored with glass paint or alcohol markers.

Create the most beautiful Dream Catcher decorations with peel-off stickers on acetate sheet with permanent markers.
Each designs and package contains: 1 sheet Dream Catchers Peel-off sticker large and acetate.


1. Stick the round peel-off sticker onto the acetate sheet.
2. Color in the sticker with a permanent marker such as Flex, Zig,Identi, Chameleon, Copic and many other brands. You may also use alcohol inks.
3. Cut out the colored peel-off sticker.

4. Paste the hanger with 1 part at the front and the second part to the rear.
5. Attach a ribbon for hanging, make a card or create a Sun Catcher / Dream Catcher.

• Use a pair of tweezers, your fingernails or a pen knife to remove gently stickers from the sheet.
• Combine different designs or colours and make your own unique project.
• Try your marker or ink on a piece of acetate first before coloring the actual peel-off sticker.

Dream Catchers


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