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Sandy Art Sticky Stickers

Create with double-sided adhesive designs such as the Sticky Stickers or create your own adhesive designs using cutting dies and double-sided adhesive film.
We show a few examples of each of the different Sticky Stickers:


   4.0300 Love    4.0300 Love    4.0301 Leaves

   4.0301 Leaves    4.0302 Marine    4.0302 Marine

   4.0303 Full of life    4.0303 Full of life    4.0304 X-mas balls

   4.0304 X-mas balls    4.0305 Snowmen    4.0306 X-mas tree

   4.0306 X-mas tree    4.0307 Buttterflies and flowers    4.0307 Buttterflies and flowers

   4.0307 Buttterflies and flowers    4.0308 Stars     4.0308 Stars + 4.0309 Deers

   4.0309 Deers    4.0310 Trees    4.0310 Trees

Cutting dies can be used with double-sided adhesive foil to cut out patterns yourself.
Suitable for this is Sandy Art Foil 1.0155 white or 1.0013 and JEJE Sticky Sheets 3.3234 and 3.3235 or tape. 

*When using double-sided adhesive film, always test whether the adhesive strength is sufficient for use with sand and whether the die cuts through the foil. This can differ per die and type of film.

Sticky Stickers and dies used in combination with Stencil Grids 3.9110 

Cutting dies and 3D decoupage:


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